The Brompton Blog – September 2012

Brompton Library
Brompton Library

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter blog from Brompton library.

As our soggy summer gradually shifts into autumn, the days get shorter and children go back to school we are happy to introduce our first newsletter!

Here you can learn about some of the great services available at our lovely library and discover some of the things that we are proud to be a part of.

As part of the new Tri-Borough structure Brompton now has a Lending Librarian, Stephanie Webb.

Stephanie Webb
Stephanie Webb

“I’ll be on site to maintain the library stock whether it’s books for adults or children, CDs, DVDs, audio books, ebooks – anything you can borrow from the library will be my responsibility. I’ll be on hand to recommend new material and point you in the direction of great websites to enhance your reading, viewing or listening. I’ll also be doing my best to make sure more people know about Brompton Library – at present it seems to be a closely guarded secret!”

Summer Reading Challenge

Brompton held a party for late finishers of the Summer Reading Challenge on Sat 15th Sept and attracted 9 children, three of whom had spent the previous 8 weeks in Canada but had still been reading voraciously! They wore out Babita and me with games of musical chairs and statues but also talked about what they had enjoyed reading and how proud they were to be gold medallists.
One of the parents said “Thank you so much for what you do, I think it’s great, not just for today but all year”
Ah, makes it all worthwhile!

Katie Collis
Katie Collis

Katie’s Corner (Senior Customer Assistant):

On Tuesday 11 September the shortlist was announced for the Man Booker Prize and so began my one month odyssey of exploring the 6 books on offer. I will be doing a regular review (watch this space) and then try and predict the winner. From what I’ve seen of the Long-list it does look very challenging, so am a bit nervous!

Dave Bushell
Dave Bushell

Dave Bushell (library Assistant):

I love meeting the characters who come into the library, often eccentric, and older and wiser. I like listening to their stories and anecdotes. They really represent the rich mixture of people who have lived and grown up in London, and they have helped make the city as crazy and interesting as it is. Never a dull moment when they’re around!

Reflections from Gary Jones (Customer Services Manager):

Gary Jones
Gary Jones

There are times when something happens that makes library work all worthwhile. Like when a little girl who had completed her Summer Reading Challenge said to her mother “This is the first medal I’ve had in my life.” What an inspiration. Also, there was a mother and her daughter taking out some simple reading books for children. I asked the daughter if she had taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The mother replied that they had only just moved to London from France and her daughter could not speak or read English. She said she will definitely take part next year, once she can read in English! I love it when children enjoy the library and are encouraged by their parents.


8 thoughts on “The Brompton Blog – September 2012

  1. nice to read your news we too have interstesting people at the library I work in which is the very scenic Maida Vale W9


  2. Good to meet Gary yesterday at the QA training and as promised (or threated?!) I’ll have to make time for a visit. Good luck everyone at Brompton and keep up the sterling work.


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