22 Britannia Road: the jury’s out!

22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

The Notting Hill Reading Group has just finished reading and discussing “22 Britannia Road” by Amanda Hodgkinson.

Some members enjoyed the book very much, commenting on the author’s well laid out structure as the story unfolded  through past and present, giving the reader an insight into the characters gradually and at the same time building up the suspense for a shocking revelation that leaves the reader to question what is right, what is wrong, and whether some secrets should stay secret.

But! Other members said the structure of the book confused them and they didn’t believe the author had done enough research into the War and immigration at the time the story was set: they believed that too many coincidences had ruined the essence of the novel and didn’t allow it to be believable.

However, all the members were very impressed by the fact that this was the author’s first novel and are really looking forward to a second, which we will keep an eye out for and definitely put on our list to read – if just to see if there’s a difference in the author’s writing style, and what subject she will choose next.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Click here to find out more about our Reading Groups.


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